2021 SAN DIEGO BERRYS - SMi Awards
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2021 NABA Finalists


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Click “place your order” next to the award you wish to order.


If you select an upgrade that requires payment, you will be redirected to a payment form after submitting your order. For custom ring orders, SMi Awards will contact you for payment.


All orders must be submitted by December 31, 2021. NABA will then verify the order to rosters and any additional upgrades and monies owed. Team order will be processed once all team members have submitted and paid for their award. Please allow 12-16 weeks for delivery of team order, which will be shipped to team manager.

For questions about your award options, call SMi Awards at 1-800-326-8463 or email to: info@smiawards.com


Player/ Award

Jim Allen – Sport-Tek Jacket
Nate Bossert – Standard Watch
Chris Bossert – Standard Watch
Billy Bright III – SportTek Jacket
Billy Bright Jr – SportTek Jacket
Ryne Contreras – SportTek Jacket
Paul Contreras – SportTek Jacket
Jerry Encoe III – Sport-Tek Jacket
Jerry Encoe Jr – SportTek Jacket
John Hopkins (Shane) – Standard Watch
Billy Howard – Sport-Tek Jacket
Brent Howard – Sport-Tek Jacket
Tony Quevedo – SportTek Jacket
Gabe Quevedo – SportTek Jacket
Chet Robinson – Sport-Tek Jacket
Phil Scher Р SportTek Jacket
Brian Scher – SportTek Jacket
Evan Scher – SportTek Jacket
Mike Taylor – SportTek Jacket

Finalist Jacket

Sport Tek Jacket


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Standard Watch


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Sport Watch



naba titan

Titan Watch



finalist ring

Finalist Ring


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